Posted by: Sewtropolis | August 26, 2016

Black, Gray, Bras and Yogurt.

So now that I’m living in my trailer you would think I would know which lever to pull to drain the gray tank or the black tank.  I’m told you should drain the black tank first as that is the tank that holds all the toilet waste.  While the gray tank holds all the bath and sink water.  I’m told you want to pull the black tank lever first and then the gray tank so that the gray tank water can ‘wash’ the black tank out.  Makes sense – especially after I had to replace my black tank after the previous owners pretty much destroyed it – you don’t want to know how.

But here is my problem.  I can never remember which lever is for the black tank and which is for the gray tank… Every time I drain the tanks I think “Okay – now remember which one is which!”… but then weeks (and sometimes months) will go by and when it come time to remember I start to second guess myself EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

And then I noticed the label maker at work!


Never again will I pull the wrong lever!!  Can I hear a hallelujah!

This weekend I ended up making a shirt to go with a skirt I had made a few months ago. I will tell you more about it and show pictures in a future post – but my point is, I am now on a kick to start making my own clothes again starting with the things I need the most: Bras!  I HATE trying on bras almost as much as I hate forking over the $80+ to purchase it! And the styles are always changing so once I find one I like, I’ll wear it to the bone and then play hell trying to find the same style again!  So over the weekend one of the things I purchased was a bra pattern from Orange Lingerie and bra ‘fixings’ from Etsy.  I’ll let you know how I do next week, and if you’ve ever sewn a bra I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

In the meantime I want to share with you my absolute favorite yogurt!  (BTW – I am a yogurt junky!!!  Love the stuff!!)


This stuff is SO freaking good, I can’t even begin to tell you!  I was over in Turkey for two years and fell in love with the fresh made yogurt over there.  I still talk about how good that yogurt was  20 years later!!  It had the consistency of whipped cream and I used to spread it on my Ekmek (bread) with cherry preserves – so freaking good!  This yogurt reminds me of the Turkish yogurt!  It is made locally here in Seattle by a Greek family.  Look at the consistency!  That’s the sign of some GOOD yogurt!!!!


It’s like eating Turkish yogurt again – but better because it’s GREEK!!!  Opa!!!!!!



  1. Holy Buxomness Batman….what kind of bras do you wear that they cost $80? I have seen bras in magazines that are custom fitted and those suckers are UGLY. I am not a underwear fashionista, I prefer comfort over anything else. I have underwear that I am sure must be from the last century.
    I have catagories of underwear….1. Just for at home…2. When I go out (in case of a car accident….because I know for a fact that the first thing First Responders are taught is to check to make sure your underwear is clean!) 3. Going to the doctor…..
    I, too, hate to try on bras (and ew….do people really try on panties???) I have one bra that I like and I always buy it (thankfully it’s a standard brand and kind cause it is many, many years before I buy another one!).
    I wish I could be a fly on the wall after I die (oh, I better remember to write down to put me in my “doctor” undies in my coffin….can’t go to Heaven in my “just hanging at home” undies!!) to hear the comments on my raggedy ole undies….Maybe they will just think it was part of my “ecentricities”!!!
    Keep us posted……

  2. Haha!! I hear ya!! I haven buying cheap bras because the good ones are SO expensive!! But the cheapies do NOTHING for support- let alone ‘enhance’ ones figure! I’m down to two bras both of which I would be mortified to be caught dead in! Lol

  3. […] might look just like the bra I made before, but this one fits!  I used the same fabric for the main part, but a different fabric for the […]

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